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Heathfield Primary School

Journalistic Writing this week

We have already looked in detail about what thoughts and feelings players experience whilst in the tunnel waiting to come out onto the pitch and also when they get out onto the pitch.

This week we will be looking at newspaper reports. We will look in detail at these links:



Can we write like that? This week we will have a go and hopefully get to use the Newspaper frames on Purplemash too! If you want to do REALLY well this week, read some newspaper report about the world cup games. This will help you understand the style of writing.

If we get time, we may get chance to compare what the UK newspapers say to what the German newspapers say by looking at this report by ‘Bild’ (A very popular German newspaper)


We will obviously keep the world up to day with our learning. Each day we will produce a post that shows the planning stages we have gone through and the results will be posted later in the week! I’m really looking forward to our lessons this week!