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Heathfield Primary School

England vs Germany report.

Well i was just watching the match while i thought i could do a report of it and put it on the blog for you to read, if you didnt watch it last night, or if you just want to know some information about the match, you should read on.

Well it started good for the first 5, 10 or 15 minutes until Germany player Klose scored a goal stood right in the middle. Unfortunately after that came another goal by Lukas Padolski right from the side into the nets. Bad for England, but wow for Germany. Then… England switched on and amazingly Upson scored a goal for England, the crowd stood on their feet. Suddenly after that Frank Lampard took a astonishing kick and it wosshed past the goal keeper and it hit the top post and it past the line but badly it didnt count as a goal, i dont know why?? Anyway after that Friedrich got a yellow card. After Milner was sent off and J. Cole came on. Another goal came along for Germany when Muller scored a goal for them, and again Klose scored the 4th goal for Germany. Wow now England really need to switch on or their out of the world cup. Then Defoe went off and Heskey came on, meanwhile Muller went off and Trochowski came on. After that the player that scored 2 goals (klose) went off and Gomez came on. Furthermore Glen Johnson got a yellow card and then the situation for England was worse then ever. It was end of the match and they are so out. The scored are 4 to Germnay and 1 to England. Pretty bad scores to me, but Germany are still through. Yes, end of the match thankyou for reading my report of the England vs Germany match and i hope you liked it alot.

                                                                       By Maryam.