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Statistics about Germany and Argentina in the World Cup.

In Year 5, we have been using PurpleMash to support our learning about Data Handling. As an introduction to Pie Charts, we have taken statistics from the FIFA website and created Pie Charts to represent them. The charts below contain statistics about Germany and Argentina from the 5 games they have played.

Germany & Argentina Statistics on PhotoPeach

L.O. To analyse data and answer multi-step problems

Year 5 completed their end of year tests last week. One area that was shown to be an area for development was answering more complex questions about data represented in tables, graphs and charts. As the pupils are experts on producing these graphs and charts, they have come up with their own questions about their graphs and charts. The pupils will answer these questions using comments.

1. How many years ago did Butt make his debut? (Matthew)
2. How many German players made their debut in year 2004? (Carys)
3. What is the total number of caps Schweinsteiger, Podolski and Klose have all together? (John)
4. What is the average age of Ozil, Khedira and Neuer? (Saleha)
5. When did Klose make his debut? (Murron)
6. How many German players are 24 years old or younger? (Fern)
7. How many German football players made their debut in the year 2000? (Ross)
8. What is the mode age of the German Football squad? (Binyameen – Saleha helped with vocabulary)
9. What is the range of the German players’ ages? (Mohammed)
10. What is the average age of the German football squad? (John)
11. How many caps does Klose, Kroos and Trochowski have altogether? (Murron)
12. How many German players made their debut this year (2010)? (Thomas)
13. What is the most common (mode) year that the German football squad made their debut?
14. What is the median number of caps of the German football squad? (Saleha)
15. What is the difference between the number of caps Cacau and Muller have? (Murron)
16. What is the overall capacity of the following stadiums: LLoftus Versfeld, Rainbow Junction and Soccer City? (Raja)
17. Which 3 German players made their debut in the Year 2008?
18. How many stadiums have the capacity of 60,000?
19. What is the mean of caps of Lahm, Muller and Badstuber? (Saleha)
20. Which is the youngest German player and how old is he? (Jake)

Our PurpleMash predictions about Germany’s Population

We have been taking data handling a little bit further by continuing data patterns. We used the graph in the previous post to predict what might happen to the Germany population over the next 20 years. Here is a short movie that shows some of the graphs that Year 5 produced using PurpleMash:

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Population of Germany – Numeracy

We have been looking at different charts that show details of the population of Germany in the Year 2000. Here is one of the charts we looked at:

There is about 3,000,000 females aged 60-64 (Ross).

There are more men in the age range of 35-39 in Germany in the year 2000 (Jake)

There is approximately 1,000,000 males that are aged between 75-79. (Carys)

There are just under 3,000,000 females aged between 75-79 (Saleha)

There are nearly 4,000,000 males aged between 35-39 (Mohammed)

There are just under 2,000,000 females under 4 years old in Germany in the year 2000. (John)

In the year 2000 there was roughly the same amount of males and females that were between 10-14 years old. (Fern)

There are approximately 2,000,000 of the ages 0-4 years old in the year 2000 in Germany. (Liam)

In the year 2000 in Germany there is about the same about the same amount of males and females at the ages between 5-9 years old.. (Murron)

There are just under 3,000,000 people aged between 60-64 years olf in Germany in the year 2000. (Binyameen)

There was just over 2,000,000 boys who are under 4 years old in Germany in the year 2000. (Thomas)

The lowest aged bracket was 80 and over with about 800,000 men. (Raja)