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Germany v Ghana Match Reports

Just a selelction of match reports from the Germany v Ghana game.

Germany v Ghana Match Reports on PhotoPeach

Your thoughts about Germany v Argentina 3rd july 2010

What i think of the match today.

Well, i think that the match today at 3:00 pm. Is going be very nerveracking to watch. England vs Germany its got to be hard beacause their both really good and they both never give up, beacause their determinded to win the world cup. Every day they train and probabley even now while im writting this post to the German blog. Their both strong and their both in the top of the world cup. The world cup dependes on this match today.

COme On England!! Win the title please, this is up to you.

By Maryam.

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil is 21 years old and he was born in 1998.Mesut was a footballer.He has a club called werder breman  and they said his goal was the best quality in the penalty box they had ever seen. They were stunned when they heard that Ozil used his left foot. His height was 1.82 metres. he scored his first goal  against karlsruhe.

Germany goal from Germany vs Ghana

yesterday Germany vs’d Ghana I thought Ghana was going to win because of how well they played but luckily Germany scored and Ghana are out and Germany are through to the next match.Hurray for Germany.

by Annalise

Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Hodger Badstuber.

Bastian Schwensteiger, he was born on the 1st of August 1984. Also he plays as a midfielder, for Germany. His current club is Bayern Munich. For a further fact he has scored 19 goals so far, furthermore he has 70 caps altoghter.

Hodger Badstuber was born on the 13th of March 1989, also he plays as a defender. His current club is Bayern Munich. Althought he has scored 0 goals he has got 3 caps. However he is only 21 years old now.

Newspapers and WAGOLL – What A Good One Looks Like!

Today in Literacy I have my writing group all morning! I love it when this happens because as a group, we can really get to the nitty gritty of writing! We have looked at two different match reports from last night’s game between Ghana and Germany. One from the Telegraph and the one in the presentation below is from Sky Sports News. The pupils have vandalised one match report showing all the features they can identify. As a result, the pupils have come up with their own rules for writing a great newspaper report. These are displayed under the photo display of their vandalised/annotated work!

WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) – Journalistic Writing on PhotoPeach

Features of a Newspaper Report:
- Introduction (Orientation paragraph)
- Quotes
- Facts (mainly)
- Opinions (occasionally)
- Exciting vocabulary
- A formal style

Tomorrow, we will be looking at what other people say makes a great newspaper article and we will see how accurate our features are!

The Football.

The football is no ordinary ball,  its what we play for, what we live for, no-one can take its place. It rolls onto your foot and makes you feel the power, the energy and the freedom. The football struggles to get to the net but all the difficulty passes through your mind and reappears at the target. The ball is kicked and gently  placed in the net. All is cheering , and Germany should win! Never lose hope, just have a go , So come on Germany!!!

By Raja

My little poem of Germany. (world cup.)

I thought i could just take this little poem I made and put it on the blog to keep you fasinated by the Germany blog. Hope you enjoy it.

We fight our fears, and say hello world.

This is the step I take to change my life,

You want to reach your goal, and win the world cup by your feet?

A little kick can change a lifetime in the last minute.

Day by day you grow stronger, and harder.


By Maryam.

Outstanding Facts About Padolski!!

Lukas Podolski is a German football player.  Podolski s height is 5 foot  11  inches. He was born in Poland but raised up in Germany and took part in a youth club  at the age of   10. Lukas s time to shine was when  he was at fc Cologne scoring ten goals in his first nineteen senior appearance s, at that time he was best  on the tally when he was eighteen years old. The following  season Podolski scored over twenty goals  to lead cologne to a higher promotion in Bundesliga.

By Raja

Our non-chronological reports about Germany.

Mr. Mitchell’s group will be completing non-chronological reports about Germany this week in Literacy. Please come back to see them published on here in time for the opening ceremony on Friday! If you want to see the PrimaryPad full screen click here.