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New Blog Announcement!

Our Year 5 class are now Year 6 and they have a new blog! Please visit, support and comment as you have no idea how much your support is changing learning at HeathfieldCPS! Please click on the link below:

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What we have thought of our World Cup Blog Project

Now that the World Cup is officially over for every team, we have been reflecting on our Germany Blogging journey. The tool that the pupils have chosen to use to display this is Voicethread. Why don’t you sign into Voicethread and leave a comment of your own?

Spain’s commodius victory

WOW!!! Spain you were amazing last night,you teared Germany to fustrated tears. However I also feel sorry for Germany as well because they tried there hearts off. Anyway one team had to win and that was you. Good Luck!!!!!

Maryam and Ellie’s thought of the German blog and the Football team.

Maryam’s thoughts:

Well, i dont know where to start really, i enjoyed myself alot during this time on the blog it is a great oppertunity to learn about the German football team and the German city, ect.  And i really enjoyed myself. Thankyou to the people that made blogtheworldcup, and thankyou Mr.Mitchell, so much! Since you came our school the ict system has really improved and it is alot fun now. Althought it already was fun.  And thankyou to Mrs. Spencer too. Also the football team, have been great to watch. And i have learnt alot about the players too.

Ellie’s thoughts:

I think the Germany blog is a great oppertunity for the children and even the adults. This a brilliant experiance for both me and everyone else. I am very pleased that Germany got through  to the semi-finals. I am just forlorn now that Germany are not through in to the final. Aleast they got really far. I didnt know that Germany were actually that good. Thankyou Mr.Mitchel.

By Ellie and Maryam. Hope you liked our thoughts and hope you enjoyed reading it all. Thankyou all.

Match report

Wednesday 7th july 2010
I am realy upset that Germany is out of the world cup but I feal realy happy for Spain it was 1-0 the football player who scored is Puyo’ls power header late in the second half. Spain have made history by going into the World Cup final with a goal from a rare source in veteran Carles Puyol.a 1-0 victory and move onto the final to face the Netherlands.

Germany VS Spain

It was a terrific match, however they could not beat Spain. As on Wednesday the 7th of July the final score was 1-0. As Spain won with a beutifull header by Carles Puyo’ls.

These are the Teams Germany played with:

Group stage: Group D:

Germany 4-0 Australlia

Germany 0-1  Serbia

Germany 1-0 Ghana

Round of 16:

Germany 4-1 England

Quater Final:

Germany 4-0 Argentina

Semi Final:

Germany 0-1 Spain

3rd place:

Germany VS Uruguay Still to come 10th July Saturday.

I think the match Germany VS Spain was a fair game.The German deffence was herendes,Spain played relly well,however Germany did play well, but we wouldve played really good.

Game on Saturday

I think Germany will win,because they will have Thomas Muller as he hand balled it when it was Argentina VS Germany.

Match Report

My match report about Germany vs Spain the shocking match by Germany as a surprise from Spain after being defeted 1-0 by Puyol by Spain witch was shocking the way Germany has played after losing two games and wining three games as well as losing two.

My stop-motion animation

I have an idea on the blog: I am going to make a stop-motion animation! I am going to make German players out of lego bricks. There’s going to be a lego goal and I am using my camera to take different pictures that are only a little bit diffrent. Mr Mitchel ( I.C.T. expert and depety head ) will help me put together my pictuers to look like an animation! 

Like this hereFrancis On A Treadmill Animated Clipart

Germany’s hardest defeat!!!

Gemany lost! It was a commodious shock for me. Was it for you? Anyway, Germany put all there heart in to this. Also Germany might win next time, I know it’s quite long to the next World Cup but you have to be patient and have some courage.

By Tehzeeb

World Cup Shock Exit for Germany

Use the PrimaryPad below to record your thoughts and feelings about the football game last night. Use this link if you want to view it full screen.

Germany v Spain ‘Live’ Session

Well, this could be the last game for Germany tonight – we in Year 5 think that Germany will go all the way! We believe in them so much, we are uniting together at 7:30pm just in time for kick off. You will need to tell me the code word from the text to your parents.

Please remember to use capital letters and full stops etc.

Good luck Germany!

German defeats the other teams.

Wow!! How long are Germany going to go on for in the World cup? First they kick Australia out, then they lure England to their way home. Furthermore, they leave Diego Maradona and his team to frustrated tears. What could come next in the match of Spain vs Germany. Lets hope it is good for Germany, but we all know the ovious team that is going to win, but still let’s cross our fingers for Spain beacause they are really in for it. Penalties, yellow cards, red cards, we dont know what is ahead of ourselves anything can happen, in this match. 2 strong teams are fighting for the title. Who will win this one?? Please put your predictions as a comment underneath and lets see if anyone will get it right. Thankyou!!.

                                               Thanks all


Germany World Cup Blog – Creating Pie Charts

My Year 5 Numeracy group are creating pie charts this morning. They will be using using statistics from the Germany v Argentina game to create simple pie charts showing:
Corner kicks
Yellow cards
To do this the pupils will be using a compass to draw the outline, a protractor to measure the angles and a calculator to calculate the percentage angle out of 360 degrees.

Wish us luck!

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Statistics about Germany and Argentina in the World Cup.

In Year 5, we have been using PurpleMash to support our learning about Data Handling. As an introduction to Pie Charts, we have taken statistics from the FIFA website and created Pie Charts to represent them. The charts below contain statistics about Germany and Argentina from the 5 games they have played.

Germany & Argentina Statistics on PhotoPeach

Germany v Ghana Match Reports

Just a selelction of match reports from the Germany v Ghana game.

Germany v Ghana Match Reports on PhotoPeach

Breaking News!!

Another terrific match between Germany & Argentina as they score 4 more goals.

The goals were from Muller,Klorse (x2) & Friedrich.

Now they are in the last 4 ,they will be playing VS

Spain if Germany win they will be in the FINAL on 11th of

July on Sunday. Cross your fingers they get threw.


My weird and wonderful prediction of the match on Saturday Germany vs Argentina.

Well, i am really really exited of the match on Saturday (tomorrow) and my prediction is 5 to Germany and  2 to Argentina, so 5-2. I am so sorry if you dont agree with this but it is my prediction and my thought. I might be writting a report about it like i did on the England vs Germany match but only if i remember to do so. And i will try ym best to watch the match.  :D

Fascinating facts about the Gerrman footballer Cacau !

Cacau was born in Brazil at March 1981 in a city called Santo Andre , furthermore he came to Germany when he was omly 10 years old . His debut was last year at the quite old age of 28 . In actual fact when he came his shirt number was 10 years smaller than him .

By Liam

Your thoughts about Germany v Argentina 3rd july 2010